DFSA Regulated Forex brokers – Dubai Forex Brokers Dubai…

by: Mohammad Hafiz

DFSA Regulated Forex brokers – Dubai Forex Brokers

Dubai Forex Brokers

March 06, 2017

DFSA is a most secured regulatory body Dubai to secure the funds and activities of Dubai Forex Brokers. There are not too many DFSA Regulated Forex brokers in Dubai as it applies very strict regulatory environment of international standards for Forex brokers to follow. It is always good, if you are too much concern about your investment and want to have local jurisdictional in case of any complain.

In recent days, more and more big Forex brokers are trying to be regulated by DFSA so that they can get legal status to operate in Dubai. One of the main benefit to have DFSA regulated Forex broker is that you can physically meet your account manager since your broker is authorized for this. 

If your broker Claims to be DFSA regulated, please make sure, you double check this yourself while logging to DFSA Website. To Check, if your broker is listed or not, you can use this tool on DFSA website. 

DFSA has very interesting section on their website, known as alerts where they always update the information about brokers, who falsely claimed to be authorized by DFSA, link to DFSA Alerts.

The DFSA’s Role

Scammers cheat people out of their money. The DFSA, as the financial services regulator of the DIFC, will take action wherever possible to stop scammers who target the DIFC or use the DIFC to promote their scams.

Many scammers remain anonymous and out of the reach of regulatory and enforcement authorities. Consumer education is, therefore, a very important way to minimise the impact of this threat. The DFSA regularly publishes Alerts on its website about the most recent scams affecting the DIFC and investors.

How to contact DFSA

Please contact DFSA as soon as possible if you have information about a scam perpetrated in, from or through the DIFC; or which uses the name of the DIFC, DFSA or persons associated with the DIFC or the DFSA.

You may contact the DFSA through the complaints portal.

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