Christmas just around the corner! Stressed yet? If your…

by: Mohammad Hafiz

Christmas just around the corner! Stressed yet? If your calendar is anything like mine, you're booked from now until 2017. Holiday parties and family gatherings and work Secret Santa exchanges, it's a lot! The holidays are a crazy time filled with spending, and more spending, and then some more spending after that. Here's nine looks for your busy party life that won't break the bank. if

}It's never too cold for hotpantscredit: PolyvoreSweater / $20Clutch / $17Shorts / $23Comfy casual christmascredit: PolyvoreT-Shirt / $14Pumps / $24Jeans / $10Old Hollywood glamcredit: PolyvoreDress / $25Nail Polish / $10Hair Pins / $12Buttoned up, but not boringcredit: PolyvoreBlouse / $19Tights / $16Skirt / $12Crop top Christmascredit: PolyvorePants / $19Crop Top / $19Necklace / $12All black everythingcredit: PolyvoreDress / $22Glasses / $10Flats / $12One piece winter wondercredit: PolyvoreJumpsuit / $34Lip Stain / $5Bangles / $5Because everyone else will be in redcredit: PolyvoreDress / $20Necklace / $15Heels / $11Blue Christmascredit: PolyvoreDress/ $21Clutch / $16Heels / $20

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